Our Policies

Here is a list of our policies in which you can see them by clicking the links to download the PDF files. 



Sustainability Policy V5

Withdrawal of Qualifications Policy V5

Whistleblowing Policy V5

Safer Recruitment Policy V5

Supply Chain Management and Fee Policy V5

Student Discipline Policy V5

Performance Management and Staff KPI Policy V5

Safeguarding Children Policy updated V5

Plagiarism Policy V5

Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy V5

Malpractice Policy V5

Learner Appeals Reporting and Handling Procedure V5

Learner Complaints Reporting and Handling Procedure V5

Internal Quality Assurance Policy V45

Information Security Policy V5

Internal Verification Procedure V5

Information Incident Management Policy V5

Health and Well-Being Policy V5

Health and Safety Policy V5

Data Protection Policy V5

Equal Opportunities Policy V5

Disability Discrimination Policy V5

Clear Desk and Screen Policy V5

Continued Professional Development Policy V5

Conflict of Interest Policy V5

Additional Learning Support Policy V5

Child Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy V5

Bullying and harassment Policy V5

Study Programme Continuity Plan V5

Apprenticeship Continuity Plan V5

Subcontracting Risk Table V5

Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policy V5

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