About us – 

We have been a training provider for over 6 years, However in 2019 after our outstanding record with delivering education and training College but different became an Apprenticeships main provider through the department of education and the Education and skills education agency. We have also got an award winning and Ofsted Outstanding online learning platform which allows for apprentices to work from home or work in order to gain both the knowledge and experience required in there line of work, whether that ranges from business and marketing to supporting teaching and learning all the way through to personal training,  We have experienced and qualified staff who are dedicated in ensuring that all of our learners have the best experience and support in order for them to complete there apprenticeship with the best experience and knowledge they can receive.

What we have to offer ...


  • Community Activator Coach Level 2  
  • Outdoor Activity Instructor ( Sports Coach ) Level 3 
  • Sporting Excellence Professional Level 3 
  • Leisure Duty Manager Level 3
  • Personal Trainer Level 3 

Business and Marketing

  • Credit Controller / Collector Level 2
  • Customer Service Practitioner Level 2
  • Customer Service Specialist Level 3 
  • Marketing Assistant Level 3 
  • Digital Marketing Level 3
  • Team Leader / Supervisor Level 3 
  • Business Administrator Level 3 
  • Associate Project Manager Level 4
  • Marketing Executive Level 4
  • Operations Departmental Manager Level 5 

Teaching and Learning

  •  Early Year Practitioner Level 2 
  • Supporting Teaching and Learning Level 3 
  • Early Years Educator Level 3
  • Learning Mentor Level 3
  • Assessor Coach Level 4 
  • Learning and Skills Teacher Level 5
  • Coaching Professional Level 5

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