About Us

At College But Different we pride ourselves on being a valued and trusted apprenticeship provider of choice; listening, reflecting and evolving to support individuals, communities and national businesses.

To provide high quality lifelong learning career pathways, enabling sustainable outcomes through learner centric  apprenticeship training solutions.

  • To be a valued and trusted apprenticeship provider of choice to both individuals and employers, networking to ensure the development solution is the perfect fit for all stakeholders

  • To enrich individuals lives through apprenticeship opportunities based on our high quality lifelong learning

  • To listen, reflect, evolve and create solutions built on a foundation of integrity and trust

  • To support individuals, local and regional communities, and national businesses, collectively creating a legacy that inspires the next generation of leaders, managers and entrepreneurs

  • Be a partner not just a provider – Meet the needs of the industry sector, providing ROI strategies underpinning the talent and succession planning needs of each business.

  • Operate with Integrity – Be open, honest and have respectful working relationships with colleagues, learners and clients.

  • Collaborate across our networks – Encourage all stakeholders to actively participate in the learner journey and fulfil personal and professional goals.

Our Priorities

The key priorities to become an ‘Outstanding’ training provider are:

  • A curriculum which is dynamic and rigorous, responding to student and societal needs

  • Management of resources with increasing requirements for effectiveness and efficiency

  • Routine use of technology to access information

  • To put the individual learner at the heart of our delivery methodology and ethos

Our Strategic Objectives

  • We will develop a culture that supports using the creative input of our staff, our learners and our employers to develop an effective curriculum for our key sector areas.

  • We will work collaboratively with our staff, our learners and employers to ensure that we fulfil their needs and expectations for achievement in personal, professional and organisational goals.

  • We will have a positive impact in our local and regional communities by advancing the opportunities for sustainable employment and professional growth.

Addressing Skills Gaps

Our curriculum reflects local and national priorities, meeting the skills needs of the sector by offering training and progression opportunities for sustained careers.

The commitment of our colleagues and the support and engagement of our employers and external governance are pivotal in realising our potential to provide the best learning opportunities for all that ensures the long term sustainability of this sector.

We will equally be investing further in campaigns that engage learners with the longer term benefit of remaining in the sector based on continuous career progression and prospects for future training and development. Our priority is to design and deliver a curriculum that has the breadth and depth to develop the sustainable workforce of the future.

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